What is Telegram and It’s features


Hello everyone! Today we will talk about what a Telegram is and why it is needed. And I will list the main advantages, disadvantages, differences from other messengers and tell you how to use it.

Telegram is a messenger for exchanging data between users. It allows you to conduct a private or group conversation, subscribe to channels and use / create bots. It also supports the exchange of files, multimedia materials of various formats. Well, the owner and main developer is Pavel Durov. Yes, yes, the very creator of the social network VKontakte. And now let’s talk about everything in order and as detailed as possible.


What is Telegram and what are its features?

According to legend, the idea of ​​creation came to Pavel Durov even before he left the post of director of VKontakte. The developer really wanted for himself and others the rights to personal space. As a result, on August 14, 2013, Telegram became available to all users of iOS devices, the first service that does not provide information about its users to any government.

The main feature of the application is the privacy of each user. No one has access to personal files, and correspondence is visible only to the person and his interlocutor. Cool, right? In addition, during registration, each user comes up with his own unique “nickname”, and the account is tied to a phone number. Accordingly, for authorization on another device, you will have to pass verification by code from SMS. Those. without a phone, no one else can simply get into your account.

So, Telegram, what is it and why is it needed? The main function of the application is to provide us with the opportunity to conduct a dialogue or create conversations that can be accompanied by the exchange of files of various formats, including photos, videos or text documents. Since the release of the application, a whole series of innovations has appeared in it: free stickers, the ability to create bots, channels, edit messages and unlimited space for storing your own information.


A group in Telegram is a chat in which 3 or more users participate. The maximum number of interlocutors is 200,000 (and once it was only 5,000). Recently, it has become popular to create interest groups: for webmasters, freelancers, designers, engineers, SMMs, programmers, etc.

Each newcomer to the chat immediately sees the entire history of the correspondence. Those. You don’t have to duplicate important alerts, he will be able to find everything. This is especially true for groups consisting of employees of medium and large companies, when there may be a reshuffle, dismissal or recruitment.


Channels are used by many famous bloggers, and they are often created to promote the brand. For information on how to create or find them, see the information in my articles.

Favorites Tab

Unlimited storage space for user information. A kind of cloud storage in which you can store files, favorite messages and recordings from channels.


Miniature assistants designed to make life easier for admins of groups or channels. They are used for:

  • channel management;
  • creating entertaining content;
  • responses to commands with pre-recorded responses;
  • search information on the Internet;
  • creating surveys;
  • decoration of posts;
  • recently, through bots, you can organize the sale of goods.
  • completely free stickers;
  • built-in mini-games with a highscore system;
  • huge conversations;
  • purchase and sale of goods;
  • confidentiality;
  • digital information repository;
  • the ability to create your own content: stickers, bots;
  • multi-platform.

Differences from other messengers:

It’s rare in which service for communication between users you find:

Yes of course, most of these functions can be found in every second messenger. However, some of them will certainly be paid or will be absent altogether.

How to download Telegram:

To take advantage of all the features of the application you need to have a phone number and any modern gadget. The messenger supports all popular platforms: windows, android, ios, etc.

For Phone you just need to head to your app store and download the app.

The procedure is available in the browser version of the service – TelegramWeb. Well, in order to log in to any other device, you will need to enter the code from SMS.

After registering, when you find yourself in the application, people from the phone book will be displayed in contacts. You can find friends, bots, and channels by their aliases or addresses. For this, the application has a general search.


So, if you are still wondering – “What is a Telegram and why is it needed”, then the answer is simple – this is a trading platform, cloud storage and a bit of a social network. The messenger is developing rapidly and every year its functionality only grows and improves. I am sure that in a year he will get a bunch of useful chips and use it will become even more pleasant and convenient. That’s all for me. Subscribe, tell your friends and see you in the next articles! Good luck


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