Best Setting And Good Device For PUBG MOBILE


PUBG Mobile is a graphics-intensive battle royale game that demands a powerful phone and a control setup. If you want the best results and get more Chicken Dinners, you’re going to need a phone for a gamer that truly stands out from the pack. It is not only the device but. DEVICE-SETTING-GAME SENSE-SENSITIVITY-CONTROL SETUP-GOOD TEAM.


  • Good gameplay requires a  good device. A device can immensely increase your capability. For example device with 20 FPS shoots 40 bullets in 3 seconds but on the other hand, a 60 FPS device will do so in 2.8 seconds or something like this. Therefore the person with the better device has 60-70 percent chances to win over these fights. With a better device, you can take close encounters easily. A low-end device supports up to 30 FPS, while on the other hand, a good device will manage up to 55-60 FPS.
  • When the other player comes into your frame device will have to render and blend with your subjects thus creating a frame drop and freezing. This lag can get you killed. Thus a device matters.
  • With a good device, a good network connection is must. Even if you have the required skills but not a stable internet, then it is all into vain. Better connection means better ping. You must have noticed some numbers. In the bottom left of your screen of green, yellow, or red colour.

“Technically Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reach ability of a host on an Internet Protocol network. It is available for virtually all operating systems that have networking capability. Most including embedded network administration software.”`1

  • If we don’t get into technicality. Then ping is a sort of data packet that your device sends to pubg server. Then your device receives it. In a fight, your and enemy packets are both sent to servers. With modifications, you receive then thus a result comes. In a fight, you notice that you shoot your enemy at first, but still you get killed by your enemy.
  • Some list of good devices – Iphone-8 and above , Honor play , Oneplus 6 and 7, Poco f1, Red magic 3 , Rog 1 and 2.

 “Mainly any device above SD-845” 


Device and ping are basic things. Now nearly everyone has these basic requirements on higher leagues. In higher leagues what matters is your mindset and your skills. Thus getting started and setting skills higher you must have the settings before getting started. As settings do add up a part for better performance. If you find it difficult to find a perfect sensitivity then you can give this a hit, this will surely help you in finding your Sensitivity For PUBG Mobile

Basic Setting 1

  • Aim Assist- Better put this switch on it is like an aimbot inbuilt in-game. Kinda tricky but it acts as an aim assist. It drags your aim to the enemy. You can even find your enemy by spraying without any idea. It will stick to the enemy.
  • Peek and Fire Better get this button on as it makes you expose yourself a little bit. It makes you peek only a side of their cover, therefore, reduce the body expose by 80%. It will be harder for an enemy to spot you and give spray on you.
  • Peek and Open Scope- If you play on claw then make this button on close. and if you prefer thumb the use it. Closing the button requires some advanced training.
  • Lean Mode- I will advise keeping this mode on hold. This will reduce the peaking. Overall increasing the reaction time. You can try to work on this by first making it to mixed
  • Scope Mode- Similarly, make this mode on hold too. This significantly reduces scope opening and closing time and hence boost your ability.

Basic Settings 2 –

Basic Settings 2


“GYROSCOPE- This is a very vast topic and needs an in-depth explanation. I will explain it all to you later. I will prefer using these options. It is like a mouse on our phone.”

  • ALL OTHERS – Other settings are not important you can easily set them all on your own. They do not affect your gameplay much. Do consider them at least once. They have some important things like quick scope, some minor settings do improve the game and speed.  



To improve your skills and want to make huge improvements you must have to start right. Before improving your skills you have to set things. Like settings and a good device. Settings make you considerably fast. To control your fast reflexes you need a device that can handle your speed and offer a constant 60 fps. The more fps you have the more benefit you will have in a Close Combat or even in a hot drop. Recoil control and everything become easier at this fps. 



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