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All 15 Types Of Genres In Movies


The 19th century gave mankind an amazing and beautiful cinema, which radically changed and continues to change a person, his consciousness and perception. It was dumb cinema that became a worthy start of film addiction. The movie genres are diverse, but each of them is able to find its grateful audience. For every taste, the film industry has created real masterpieces, which can not be denied viewing.
The most popular movie genres include: detective stories, melodramas, action films, thrillers, horror films, comedies, science fiction and more. However, often a film contains two or more genres, which gives it great opportunities to fully convey the director’s idea. Remember, there are many professions, but more important than all – cinema; whoever got into this world has become forever happy!


Anime is a kind of animation native to Japan, designed primarily for adult and youthful audiences and characterized by a peculiar manner of rendering backgrounds and characters. Anime cartoons were born as a result of the experiments of Japanese directors, combining the techniques of animation invented in the West with the traditions of Japanese fine art. Most anime series and full-length anime films are based on lightweight Japanese novels and Japanese manga comics.

Mystic films:

Mysticism is a very popular area of ​​gaming cinema that raises the topics of the supernatural (clairvoyance, magic, necromancy, spiritualistic and mediumistic phenomena, vampires, werewolves, etc.). Among the characteristic features of the films of the mystic genre are the separation of everything into the dark and bright side (demons and angels, necromancers and paladins), as well as the existence of a parallel spiritual world invisible to ordinary people.

Good mystical films are in many ways similar to movies of the genre of science fiction, horror and fantasy, and the boundaries dividing these genres are sometimes hardly noticeable. However, there are quite specific differences.

Unlike science fiction, mystic films almost never try to explain what is happening from a scientific point of view or even logic. All that is happening on the screen is invited to simply believe.

Biography films:

A biographical film is a cinema genre that tells the story of the fate of any famous, outstanding personality who left his mark on history. Some biographical films pay attention only to key moments in the life of the protagonist, while others begin to narrate from the moment of his birth to show how his character was formed under the influence of his parents, teachers, friends, childhood shocks, losses, first love, etc. .
It often happens that if you become interested in the fate of a politician, scientist, athlete or musician, we want to know more about his fate. When there is no time or desire to read the corresponding book, good biographical films come to the rescue, allowing you to combine business with pleasure. The most outstanding personalities today are dedicated to dozens, and sometimes hundreds of paintings, each of which will allow you to create a general idea of ​​them in a relatively short time.

Music films:

Musical films is a genre of cinematic art dedicated to music and everything connected with it. Characters of feature films of this genre, in addition to participating in dialogues, perform songs and / or dances that complement the plot to music. The basis for many films of the genre of music are operettas or musicals.

Films of the genre of music can be combined with almost any other genre of cinema, but because the list of all possible combinations is huge, then we dwell on only the most common ones.

Action movies:

Action is a cinematic genre in which the main characters or heroes encounter a number of problems that cannot be solved without resorting to violence. Militant films abound in violence in all its manifestations, insane pursuits, costly special effects and complex stunt tricks.

Science films:

Popular science films are the genre of non-fiction (documentary) cinema, which in a simple and accessible language describes the world from a scientific point of view. Among the main tasks of such films is to bring to the masses information about scientific discoveries, views, hypotheses, facts, information and research results. The best non-fiction films highlight a particular issue not only affordable, but also colorful, dynamic. Watching such films is not only extremely informative, but also very exciting.

Non-fiction films are sometimes called simply scientific, but this is not true. Scientific films do not popularize science, serve for well-defined scientific tasks, use dry scientific terminology and are not intended for public viewing.

Adventure films:

Adventure films are a genre of cinematographic art, the characteristic features of which are the spirit of adventurism, the rapid development of the plot and its unexpected turns, exaggerated experiences, as well as a distinct division of the characters into good and bad.

Unlike militants, scenes of confrontation with villains most often unfold against a background of exotic locations (jungle, space, other planets), and goodies are less likely to use brute force, preferring to use ingenuity, cunning and dexterity. At the same time, “evil” in adventure films can be represented not only by villains, but also by various natural phenomena and cataclysms. The main task of adventure cinema is entertaining.


Documentary films, also called non-fiction films, are a genre of cinema based on the shooting of real persons and events. In some cases, if necessary, focus on certain points, simplify understanding, or for greater clarity in documentaries, various production elements, dramatization, and fragments of feature films can be used. They are not documentaries, but they are directly related to the genre – pseudo-documentaries, documentaries, and documentaries.


Sports films are works of cinematographic art, the main theme of which is sports and everything connected with it directly. These films (as well as cartoons and series) can be documentary and feature. Among the main tasks of most films of the genre is the popularization of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Comedy films:

Comedy as a genre of art originated in ancient Greece. The word comedy (from the Greek “komodia”) was characterized by performances causing laughter, and after the birth of cinema and films, designed to cheer up and arouse laughter in the viewer. They enjoyed great popularity even in the era of silent cinema, and the best films of that time (for example, films with the participation of the legendary Charlie Chaplin) do not lose their popularity to this day.

Horror movies:

Horror films are works of cinematic art, the main task of which is to cause a negative emotional reaction in the audience, playing on primitive feelings of fear and disgust. Inspired by the literary works of Bram Stoker (Dracula) and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), the first films of this genre were shot more than a hundred years ago. Today they are the third most popular after comedy and science fiction.

Science fiction films:

Fantastic films are works of game cinema, the plot of which is based on fantastic speculations in the field of the humanities, natural and technical sciences. With the help of such speculations, certain phenomena, events, and technologies that theoretically can exist today or be invented in the future can be justified. For example: extraterrestrial life forms, parallel worlds, extrasensory abilities, time travel, interstellar travel, cyborgs, artificial intelligence and the like.

Crime films:

Crime films are a cinematic genre that focuses on crime and related topics in one way or another. The stylistic approach to filming crime films ranges from a realistic depiction of real criminals to implausible stories of fictional evil geniuses. The genre is close enough and often intersects with the genres of detective and action. However, the violence, which is an integral part of the action movie, and the elements of the investigation inherent in the detective and the uncertainties in it may be absent.


Erotic films are works of cinematographic art devoted to the themes of sexual love, sexual sensuality, and related topics in one way or another.

To some extent, elements of eroticism may be present in films of any genres, with the exception of children’s and family ones.

Melodrama films:

Melodrama films are a genre of cinema with enhanced sensual and emotional component, which significantly prevails over the detailing of characters, which are often depicted schematically and stereotypically.

The protagonists of films of this genre can be either realistically portrayed ordinary people who turned out to be participants in extraordinary events, or highly hyperbolic, unrealistic characters in a realistic and detailed environment.


We are are a huge fan of movies. They are the only thing which binds the whole family together for 3hrs (•‿•). If you think about the type of movies you want to watch you need to have their type first.

How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile Emulator


Manufacturers of personal computers and mobile devices go one step ahead of customer needs. Gadgets are released whose full potential is not yet possible. This is due to the lack of applications requiring a lot of resources. But the developers do not stand still. Gradually, games with the corresponding requirements appear, which on “weak” devices already lag or do not start at all. These include PUBG Mobile, a mobile adaptation of a computer game. The elimination of lags in PUBG Mobile will be discussed below.

Lag Of Pc:

Even on a computer through the emulator it is comfortable to play PUBG Mobile in rare cases. The game freezes, so the user does not succeed in revealing the fighting qualities.

If PUBG Mobile lags on a PC, we do not recommend immediately trying to fix the application files or delete the game.

First check the following items:


Antivirus negatively affects the computer when playing, as it takes part of the processor power. Also, PC protection programs often limit the operation of emulators. To eliminate freezes, disable the antivirus.


With each update, developers try to troubleshoot a game or add new game elements. Sometimes this leads to other errors. Excluding lags helps not only installing a new update, but also rolling back to the old one.

Video driver:

Often the game is freezed due to an outdated video card driver. We recommend searching and installing updated drivers. Even if this does not solve the problem, it improves the performance of the device.


RAM is occupied by open and background applications. If there are many, there is no space left for the emulator, and PUBG Mobile slows down or crashes altogether. Programs that occupy RAM are reflected in the Task Manager. It’s better to close them.

Emulator Graphics Settings:

The following elements are configured in the emulator:

  • Image resolution – on “weak” devices it is recommended to set the value to 1280×720 or lower
  • Smoothing – it is better to disable or reduce the degree to medium
  • Available RAM – allocate maximum memory for the game
  • Processor – the number of cores that the game uses. We set the maximum again

Graphics Settings in PUBG Mobile Emulator:

Inside the game client, the graphics and frame rate are configured. We set the graphics to a minimum, and the frame rate to a maximum.

Will You Be Banned?

The actions described above do not give the user illegal advantages over other players. So no one will ban due to self-optimization of PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Emulator Error:

To open the settings in the official Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, click on the three stripes icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the Setting line. Open the Engine tab and optimize PUBG Mobile according to the plan described above.

Try Other Emulators:

In BlueStacks, Nox, and other universal emulators, the settings are similar. In addition to changing the graphics settings, changing the emulator helps.

Why Do We Need 60 FPS:

FPS is the frame rate, that is, the number of frames per second. The higher the frequency, the higher the frame density and the sharper the picture. The concept of ping is associated with FPS – this is the average time for the transmission of information packets. If you reduce ping in PUBG Mobile, the player will receive information about game events faster and respond faster to them.

Find Your Current FPS:

PUBG Mobile’s FPS is included in two ways:

  • In the emulator – using the “Show FPS” function (not available everywhere)
  • Using a standalone program like FRAPS

Main Ways To Boost Your FPS:

The first thing that we advise you to do to optimally configure the FPS in the emulator is to set the maximum in the PUBG Mobile settings in the “Frame rate” line. Where to find these settings is described above. If this action does not help, then raise the FPS using the GFX Tool. On universal emulators, this application is downloaded via Google Play. To download it to Tencent Gaming Buddy, proceed as follows:

  • We reset the graphics settings using the special button in the lower left corner in the settings menu
  • We leave in a lobby and we press F11 key
  • A menu will appear on the right, click the Virtual Location button
  • Press the F9 key
  • From the icons that appear, open the browser and install the program through it.


We all want to play better. To perform better one must have a good device. Your pc should have high specs to give you a boost. Still you can have some hope to remove lag if you have a mid range processor as this game is not too heavy. Even though  the game file is of only 3 gb you need a good device because you run the game though a third party app called emulator. Those emulators are really heavy so causing you lag. Still to counter them you can use the steps we suggest above. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us.

How To Root Samsung Android Phone


Samsung cell phones and tablets are truly outstanding and maybe the most mainstream Android gadgets. The usefulness of any Samsung is consistently at its best, however here and there clients need to have propelled highlights, which requires root access to Android on Samsung. The upside of the devices of this brand is a decent security, which when getting root turns into an issue.

Rooting a Samsung Device

Route rights to Samsung Root are user rights that are comparable to administrator rights on computers running Windows. On Android, the ability to manage the contents of the root partition (root – “root” in English) is not initially provided. To use hidden functions, it is necessary to perform rutting, that is, manipulations in order to gain access to system folders. The superuser can do almost everything with Android, up to modifying the operating system itself. What is the difficulty? It would seem that the Android OS is the same everywhere, but Samsung is introducing Knox protection systems into its firmware. Which can be difficult to get around.

What do we need to get the root rights

According to the engineers, pull isn’t accommodating gadget security. There is constantly a danger of ruining the contraption if the client doesn’t have extraordinary information.

After an ineffective rooting, the gadget won’t be taken for fix.

So the first and primary condition for this activity is finished trust in its need and achievement. What’s more, the rundown of essential apparatuses relies upon the picked strategy for acquiring root rights. In the general case, one is accessible – programming,

Yet two choices contrast:

  • Using a PC. You will require a Windows PC, a USB link, the Odin program, custom Recovery, drivers for a particular model and a very much accused gadget of the SuperSU application introduced. Right now, model, pull rights for Android 10 Samsung Galaxy are effective.
  • Without the assistance of a PC. You will require an appropriate application for establishment on a contraption (for instance, Frameroot).

Root through Recovery and SuperSU

For Samsung models of the most recent forms, the firmware alternative custom (CWM) or progressed (TWRP) Recovery utilizing the Odin program shows high effectiveness. In addition, for the devices of this maker, this is basically no other option. It is utilized for quite a while and effectively, however isn’t the just one for all Android models.

Preparing the device

  • Along these lines, it was chosen to get root on Samsung. Prior to the activity, you should set up the contraption itself and the PC with which it will be flashed. The gadget must be charged, ideally totally – in the process a great deal of vitality will be expended, and the chance of reviving won’t be introduced, since the connector will be occupied. The USB link must be checked.
  • On the PC, which should likewise be associated with a force source, you have to introduce the Odin application, download, unfasten the firmware and introduce the driver for Samsung. On the contraption you have to introduce or refresh your current SuperSU program. The last isn’t troublesome, as this free application is accessible on Google Play. It is smarter to download the UPDATE-SuperSU.zip update document and spot it in the foundation of the memory.
  • With respect to Odin, which is fundamental so as to get pull rights for Android on Samsung Galaxy, everything is more entangled here. The program is unreservedly accessible on the Internet, however it isn’t prescribed to utilize Russian variants. Custom firmware is best downloaded from samsung-updates or google xda In the event that you would prefer not to download through document sharing, you can utilize the program Samfirm. TWRP firmware is accessible on ther official site.

Prefer using twrp as the support of other methods are limited; the development and constant updates are not pushed on them anymore

Enable USB debugging

First of all, you need to enable USB debugging mode on Android. This feature is available on Samsung and is used to test applications by developers. By default, it is off. To activate the connection of the device to the PC, the option must be enabled manually. This is usually done in the “Developer Options” in the “Settings” menu. On devices with Android 6.0, there is no such section. To enable the function, you should: Enter settings. Select the section “About phone”. In the list that opens, click on the “Build Number” seven times. Enable USB Debugging. Here you must immediately turn on “OEM Unlock”.

Disable Remote Management

The remote control feature will prevent root, so it must also be disabled. To do this, you need: Enter the “Security” section. Open the “Find phone” tab and set the “Remote control” lever to the “Off” position.

Instructions for installing root-rights

Now about how to set root-rights on Android 10 Samsung.

  • The procedure should be as follows:
  • The gadget is put into download mode.
  • First it turns off, then the volume down, center and power buttons are clamped.
  • When the menu opens, press the volume up button.
  • Android connects to a PC. Odin is launched on the computer. In the program window, the Re-Partition checkmark is unchecked.
  • In the AP field, the path to the file with the extension .tar or tar.md5 is selected (depending on how many files are in the firmware) and the “Start” button is clicked.
  • If the firmware includes many files, then the paths to them must be indicated, as in the presented photo (in different fields). After the message on the successful completion of the operation (PASS) appears, the gadget is disconnected from the PC.
  • After a reboot, Samsung will receive root rights.

Checking for root

The most convenient tool to check for root-rights is the SuperSU application. If you update the application immediately after rooting, it will immediately become clear whether your Samsung has root. Root Checker also works well. There are options and manual checks. to content.

If you have problems

  •  If root-rights for Android 10 on Samsung were successfully obtained, but it turns out that they are incomplete, you need to deal with protection.
  • It will have to be removed.
  • The superuser has two options for removing Knox: Manually using a file manager such as Root Explorer or Root Browser.
  • Using the software delete function.

Best Graphics Cards To Buy In 2020 Under 15000Rs ( 15k)


Is it accurate to say that you are searching for which video card to purchase in 2020 to 15,000? We have arranged a rating of TOP 5 prescribed ideas at a cost of up to 15,000 rs. As a geek gamer you need to have a graphic card atleast to be able to play today latest games.


The best picks as of now are:

  1. MSI RX 5500 XT MECH 4G OC
  2. Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT OC 4G
  3. MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 8G OC
  4. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G
  5. MSIG GTX 1660 SUPER Ventus XS OC



  • The MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT MECH OC 4G is based on the AMD Navi 14 core with 4 GB of 128-bit GDDR6 memory. A
  • the name implies, the card was dispersed at the factory.
  • Main characteristics 7nm technology. DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan. S
  • Type: PCI-Express x8 v4.0. Volume and
  • type of memory: 4 GB GDDR6 128-bit.
  • Video Connector: HDMI 2.0b,
  • DisplayPort 1.4.
  • GPU frequency: 1845 MHz.
  • Memory frequency: 14000 MHz.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT OC 4G

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT OC 4G

Of particular note is the Windforce 2X cooling system, which will provide fairly low temperatures. The card differs in performance from the Radeon RX 5600 XT, but the latter is more expensive.


  • 7nm technology. OpenGL 4.5,
  • OpenGL 4.5, Mantle, Vulkan
  • Slot Type: PCI-Express x8 v4.0
  • Volume and type of memory: 4 GB GDDR6 128-bit.
  • Video Connector: HDMI 2.0b,
  • DisplayPort 1.4.
  • GPU frequency: 1845 MHz.
  • Memory frequency: 14000 MHz.

MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 8G OC

MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 8G OC

Yes, it is not the latest, but the discounts that AMD now offers make it extremely attractive. On board is a Polaris 20 XTX graphics chip and 8 GB of 256-bit GDDR5 memory.


  • 14nm technology.
  • DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5
  • OpenCL 2.0.
  • Slot Type: PCI-Express x16 v. 3.0
  • Volume and type of memory: 8 GB GDDR5 256 bit.
  • Video and Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D.
  • GPU frequency: 1366 MHz. Memory frequency: 2000 MHz.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G Источник: https://tehnobzor.ru/stati/kakuyu-videokartu-kupit-2020/ ©TehnObzor

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G is a graphics processor with CUDA cores, additionally overclocked to 1845 MHz (Boost mode). There are also 6 GB of video memory on board.


  • 12nm technology.
  • DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan.
  • Slot Type: PCI-Express x16 v. 3.0
  • Volume and type of memory: 6 GB, GDDR5 192 bit.
  • Video Connector: HDMI 2.0b,
  • DisplayPort 1.4. G
  • frequency: 1860 MHz.
  • Memory frequency: 8000 MHz.

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Ventus XS OC

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Ventus XS OC

The card is based on the Turing TU116 GPU (1408 CUDA), has 6 GB of GDDR6 memory, but much faster than the GTX 1660 (without Super). Recall that the Turing GTX models lack hardware support for ray tracing, as well as DLSS technology.


  • 12nm technology. D
  • 12, OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan.
  • Slot Type: PCI-Express x16 v. 3.0
  • Volume and type of memory: 6 GB, GDDR6 192-bit.
  • Video Connector: HDMI 2.0b
  • DisplayPort 1.4.
  • GPU frequency: 1815 MHz.
  • Memory frequency: 14000 MHz


The best designs cards for gaming are not really the ones that have the greatest cost. While you are best off after the ‘wine rule’ – quality for the most part ascending with the bigger sticker prices – this isn’t generally the situation, because of fittingness and manufacture and fundamentally what is directly for you. Here and there some cautious arranging, appropriation of your more extensive spending plan and ground breaking implies that the best designs card that anybody can get for gaming isn’t the best GPU for your manufacture or for gaming in general.

For instance, a RTX 2080 Ti is a superbly mental and amazing thing to have…..if you’re sufficiently fortunate to have a spending that permits you to spend north of $1,000 on a solitary segment. That just won’t be the situation for the vast majority of us, and it’d be much harder to legitimize such a cost when the expansion in execution isn’t as eye-watering as the hop up in sticker price. Fortunately, with the arrival of the RTX Super illustrations cards and AMD’s RX 5000-arrangement, costs of cards that are just somewhat more seasoned have discouraged as of late. We anticipate that that pattern should proceed as retailers get enough stock to coordinate interest on the new cards, while at the same time attempting to move those that are marginally more established in front of, yet in addition during, the pinnacle exchanging season.

Xiaomi Poco X2 Officially Launche For $ 225


Xiaomi last week hinted at plans to announce the Poco X2 smartphone on February 4. During this time, she spoke little about the device, but there are reasons for this. And today the model was officially presented.

The second generation smartphone is the successor to the Pocophone F1 and it is likely that in Europe it will be sold as the Pocophone X2. However, many can be disappointed that the new product did not take the main feature from its predecessor – the most top-end processor is cheap. Yes, Xiaomi Poco X2 is built on an 8-nanometer Snapdragon 730G chip, whose performance will be enough for games, but still the first generation model received a Snapdragon 845 chip.

The new product got a platform that was announced at the beginning of last year, but it was often started to be used only a few months ago. Still, the regular version, Snapdragon 730, was more popular with OEM companies. The Snapdragon 730G has eight cores with a peak frequency of 2.2 GHz and Adreno 618 graphics.

Xiaomi Poco X2 is equipped with 6/8 GB of RAM LPDDR4x with a frequency of 2133 MHz. The capacity of the built-in UFS 2.1 drive can be 64/128/256 GB, although there was information that the new product will remain without a version with 256 GB of permanent memory. There is no microSD slot.

The power issues in the smartphone are handled by a 4,500 mAh battery. The device supports fast charging by wire via USB-C. Power is 27 watts. It should also be noted a set of wireless interfaces, including an NFC chip; Android 10 operating system with MIUI 11 software package support for aptx-X (HD) codecs; infrared emitter.

Xiaomi Poco X2 is enclosed in a metal frame with two glass panels in front and behind. Both are made of fifth generation Corning Gorilla Glass. On the front side there is a liquid crystal screen with a resolution of Full HD + and an aspect ratio of 20 to 9. It has a diagonal of 6.67 inches, and the main feature is the refresh rate of 120 Hz. Due to the use of the IPS matrix, the biometric scanner has settled on the right side. The dimensions of the novelty are 165.3 x 76.6 x 8.79 mm, and the weight is 208 g.
In the upper right corner of the display there are two round holes for the front camera. The main module has a resolution of 20 megapixels. It is built on a 1 / 3.4-inch optical format sensor. The 2MP matrix with a pixel size of 1.75 microns is responsible for blurring the background. Video can be recorded in Full HD at 30 fps. AI algorithms are announced, as well as a face recognition system.

The main camera in Xiaomi Poco X2 has four modules at once. The main one is built on a Sony IMX686 sensor with a resolution of 64 megapixels. Optical format – 1 / 1.7 inches. It supports Quad Bayer filter. Aperture of optics – f / 1.89. The wide-angle module in the smartphone has a resolution of 8 megapixels, f / 2.2 aperture and a capture angle of 120 degrees. The resolution of the sensor for blurring the background and macro photography from a distance of 2 cm is 2 megapixels. Video can be recorded in 4K UHD at 30fps.

It comes in main colour line as shown:

As you can see, the new smartphone company from the Middle Kingdom, which was announced in India, was an exact copy of the model Redmi K30 4G, presented about two months ago. The novelty will go on sale in a week, on February 11, in three colors: Atlantis Blue, Matrix Purple and Phoenix Red. The cost of Xiaomi Poco X2 in the modification with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of constant was $ 225. The version with a doubled volume of ROM will cost $ 240. For the configuration with 8 GB of RAM and a drive with a capacity of 256 GB, you will have to pay $ 280.


Devices like the Realme X2 can also compete, and if you lower the display at 120 Hz, you will find a lot in common between Realme and Poco phones.

The return of Pocophone was a long wait for fans of the brand. Nevertheless, I believe that many of them will be disappointed with what is ultimately available. The Xiaomi Poco X2 is just a good phone that in fact no longer embodies what made the brand special. This is an ideal middling that does not deviate from modern norms in any meaningful way. As there is nothing special this phone offers you in the same price segment. It has all come down to your personal favourite brand and looks. The features most of the phone compile are similar, just a change of 19 or 20. Though the phone come with everything you need at the price. Actually considering the price phone seems to be really promising. Even the battery, camera, build and other aspect of the phone are really good.