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Xiaomi Redmi K30 was introduced on December 10, and we managed to buy it already on December 12 at the company’s flagship store in Shenzhen. Unfortunately, we were not able to purchase the 5G version on another processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G – it will be available only next month. In turn, the well-known Snapdragon 730G is installed in the Redmi K30. We purchased the 8/128 GB version, and the youngest configuration, which costs less than 15 thousand rubles, is 6/128 GB.

Among the interesting features of the “local” Chinese version is the Redmi logo, which is presented in the form of a dragon. It is worth noting that in China, the Redmi line goes separately from the main Xiaomi brand. And of course, the main feature is the lack of Google services, which we will definitely try to “roll” onto the device.

It is worth noting the fact that probably in Russia the Redmi K30 will be called differently. You don’t have to go far: remember the Redmi K20, which in our country was sold as Xiaomi Mi 9T. To predict what the name will be with us – we do not undertake.

The Redmi K30 is presented in three colors – blue, which Pantone University recently recognized as the color of 2020 (we are talking about Classic Blue, of course), purple and red. We took the last one and were right: in our opinion, this is the brightest version of all.

The kit comes with a 27 W network adapter, as well as USB-C wiring and a silicone case. But they didn’t put any headphones, despite the fact that the device retained a 3.5 mm audio jack!

The fingerprint sensor is located not on the back or under the screen, but on the side. It seems that Xiaomi is the first time we see such a solution and welcome it. On the one hand, it’s quite convenient and such a sensor works very quickly and confidently, on the other hand it is located on only one side and it is inconvenient for those who hold a smartphone in their left hand to unlock the device with their index or middle finger, nevertheless, from the point of view of ergonomics, it’s more convenient hold the smartphone in your right hand and unlock it with your thumb. Have to relearn.

There is also a power button and a volume control next to it.

The device runs on Android 10 OS with the MIUI 11 user interface. Here are great gestures that appeared in this shell earlier than in stock Android.

It is worth noting that the Redmi K30 has a combined SIM / microSD slot.

A fairly important detail that can be noted in all the latest Xiaomi smartphones is a fairly capacious battery inside. In this case, we got a 4500 mAh battery. But unfortunately, wireless charging is not supported, on the other hand we are talking about a fairly affordable smartphone.

As for the screen, this time it’s not AMOLED or OLED, but the 6.6-inch IPS matrix, but it supports a 120 Hz sweep. Finally, in the middle price segment, a player appears with such a cool screen that works smoothly. By the way, it can be switched to 60 Hz in the menu.


The Redmi K30 has a unit of 6 cameras: 2 in the front and 4 in the back. And here again, a novelty – a larval-like cut-out for a dual front camera, similar to what we saw in HONOR and Samsung devices. But there is one caveat, there are actually two cutouts for each camera separately, but most often a small dark jumper is visible on the screen. So, here stands the front camera for 20 + 2 megapixels, the second at the same time acts as a depth sensor. By the way, the upper bangs can be hidden and it looks like a Pixel. True, we will be honest, because of the IPS-matrix, the borders are quite noticeable, especially at an angle.

So, there are as many as four cameras at the back, the main of which is 64 megapixels and this is the latest Sony IMX686 sensor that no one has managed to use except Xiaomi. There is also an ultra-wide-angle camera and two 2MP cameras, which are responsible for measuring the depth of the scene and macro photography.

Let’s go over the results of photo testing. In good light, 64 megapixels show themselves very well: the detail is at a high level. The same can be said of the ultra-wide-angle camera, but in room lighting it becomes very difficult for him. With HDR, the difference is also clearly visible, the main thing is not to forget to turn it on, because automation does not always work. At the same time, the algorithms work out very well. Night shots are relevant when shooting in the appropriate mode, without it everything is smeared. With the “Night” mode turned on, the picture is sometimes very pleasing, but if there are a lot of details in the frame, then something will surely go away. And with portraits, how lucky – sometimes bad with insufficient light, and sometimes vice versa – big mistakes and a lot of blur on the faces.

But 2 megapixels is still not enough for the macro mode – the resolution is not enough for such pictures.

The location of the camera, the circle or sphere around the vertical block of the camera resembles the smartphones of the HUAWEI Mate line. It turned out a bit strange picture.

Next, we tried to install Google services. From the first time, this did not work out of the Xiaomi store, either because we were in China and got into Region Lock, or they removed the Installer from there. However, on the second attempt, finding the installer of the third version on the Internet, everything worked.


Redmi k 30

The first plus of Xiaomi Redmi K30 is of course the price, which starts at 1599 yuan, which translates into rubles about 14 and a half thousand rubles. By the way, we were given a simple Xiaomi Mi Piston headphone as a gift. The second plus is a display with a scan of 120 Hz and it really works very smoothly. You just get aesthetic pleasure from it. Also in the pros include a large 4500 mAh battery and a relatively powerful Snapdragon 730G processor, which is located in the most noticeable Xiaomi device in 2019 – the very Mi Note 10 with a 108-megapixel camera!

But there are also disadvantages:

  • There is no NFC. Perhaps this applies to the Chinese version, where WeChat and QR codes are developed, and in the global version NFC will already appear.
  • There are 6 cameras, but not in the amount of happiness. It is strange for us to see two cameras of 2 megapixels for depth and for macro. Images from other cameras are better, but not in all conditions. Two front-ends are also an unnecessary solution!
  • Well, the lack of wireless charging can also be attributed to the minuses of the device, despite the fact that this is a sign more likely flagship smartphones.

But let’s be honest, all the disadvantages are leveled out by one and the main plus – the price of the device. 

What Is SEO? And Best Free Tools For It


A list of search keys broken down on the pages of a site.The main parameters of NW: frequency, clickability (CTR), level of competition.

Before investing in a new project, check the potential profit.

The semantic core helps to analyze the potential of any Internet project.

The most interesting thing is that Google representatives are asking not to focus on search keys.

They explain this by the fact that Rankbrain artificial intelligence selects relevant keys on its own after creating the content.

Best SEO tools

In fact, the semantic core performs many other useful functions.

  • Using search keys, you can analyze successful competitors in the TOP-10.
  • Check existing content against specified keys.
  • Simplifies writing technical specifications for creating new content.
  • It helps to check your positions and compare them with competitors.

Your real traffic depends on your place in the TOP.

The first place gives about 35% of clicks, the second – 15% of clicks, the third – 10%, and 10th place only 3% of clicks.

Sometimes small efforts are not enough to increase traffic several times.

Therefore, those who create sites without optimization for search keys lose a lot.

For the correct compilation of a list of keys, you can use free and paid tools.

Free tools.

The most popular in the world.

Many other tools take data on the frequency, cost of a click and the level of competition in contextual advertising from here.

Pros : there is a convenient grouping of the list of keys, the ability to integrate into excel, works with a huge number of languages.

Disadvantages : a full list of low-frequency queries is not shown, registration with Google Adwords is required.

  • Wordstat Yandex

Pros : shows huge lists of keys, level of frequency and even similar queries.

To make copying selected keys easier, use the chrome app .

Cons : there is no import into excel, you need to log in (you can use social media), there is no data on the cost of a click in contextual advertising.

  • Statistics mail.ru

The data, of course, is inferior to Google and Yandex, but there is a filter by age, gender, which is important when creating content.

Many keys have a seasonality factor.

With Google Trends, you can track peaks in popularity in order to prepare advancement in advance.

For example : gifts for March 8, New Year’s greetings.

  • Slovoeb

A stripped down version of Key Collector.

In fact, the cost of Key Collector is 1800 rubles.

I see no reason to use a slower program with truncated data, such as Slovoeb.

  • Keyword Generator

15% of new search keys appear daily.

These are the keys that have never been entered before.

Use the key generator to find interesting ideas.

To do this, fill out the options for keys, words, their synonyms in different columns, as a result you get combined options.

  • Search hints

Manually write down combinations of words in the search bar, and the systems will tell you popular options.

Use Google, Yandex, Wikipedia, Reddit, Pinterest for this.

A tool for finding questions, prepositions, comparisons.

Pros : good for brainstorming, writing articles, writing content for a zero position in Google.

Cons : does not work with Russian-language queries, does not show frequency.

  • Ubersuggest

This tool was bought by the famous blogger Neil Patel for 120 thousand dollars, and invested the same amount in its development.

Neil promised that he will always be free, and the main goal is lead generation .

Cons : data is inferior to large paid tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush.

Homogeneous keys or a hidden semantic index, the English-language abbreviation LSI, which stands for latent semantic index, is more often used.

Manually options for homogeneous keys can be seen in the search under the results of the issuance.

I would not recommend being limited to these tools only, because the accuracy of their data is in doubt.

Also many other important parameters for SEO are not shown.

For the initial brainstorming, these tools are useful, for a deeper analysis it is better to use paid services:  Ahrefs , Semrush ,   Moz , Serpstat , Majestic .

There are also paid programs on the market that collect semantics:

  • Key collector – incredibly popular among the SEO community, many functions for collecting and clustering keys;
  • Scrapebox – one of the program’s functions is to collect uniform keys not only from Google, but also from Bing, Yahoo, Rambler, Youtube, Amazon and many other resources.

There are a number of other paid tools that can be more profitable in price, but inferior in quality and quantity of data.

Ahrefs is the leader in terms of quantity and accuracy of data, which uses about 8.6 billion keywords in its database.

In the Russian-language segment, Serpstat is used more often, because it still pulls data from Yandex, and the tariff plan is much cheaper.

The main trump card of paid tools is the display of additional parameters, such as the level of competition in SEO and a complete list of low-frequency queries.

Initially, it is better to pick up a huge list of keys.

Do you know how to brainstorm?

All ideas are collected: bad, good.

Then the bad ones are eliminated and only the good ones remain.

And from the good they choose the real ones, for the implementation of which there are opportunities, time and resources.

Same thing with the list of keys.

Collect everything initially.

Do not worry that there will be many irrelevant ones.

Your task is to compile a complete list so as not to lose the correct keys.

Further, it is important to group the data obtained.

It is at this stage that even seoshniki with three years of experience make many mistakes.

They incorrectly break the resulting list into landing pages.

As a result, irrelevant content is created that causes bad behavioral factors.

Grouping keywords or clustering the semantic core manually is very time consuming.

These are huge lists, where more than tens and hundreds of thousands of keys need to be broken for several days or even weeks.

There are tools that help automate the process, but they are really expensive.

For clustering a list of 100 thousand keys, you will give $ 500, and this work will also take several hours.

We don’t like to pay, wait too.

Therefore, we created our own keyword clusterer , which has a completely understandable interface.

Huge lists, consisting of hundreds of thousands of keys, he breaks into groups in just a few minutes.

Thanks to the clustering, the filtering process of irrelevant keys takes a minimum of time.

After you have collected the AU and divided it into the pages of the site, determine your priorities.

It is better to choose those products for promotion that have a unique selling proposition – the best price, free delivery, high quality.

An equally important factor is a sufficient budget for the comprehensive promotion of priority keys.

Next, we will consider the frequently asked question: “ What is the price for website promotion services? 

Indeed, if the budget is forme

8 Ways Not To Make Plagirised Content:



Copywriting, rewriting, character replacement, synonymised …

Think you already know everything?

I doubt it. Catch 8 ways to get around anti-plagiarism for free.


This method cannot be called a deception.

Honest, correct option.

True, not always effective, more on that later.

In order to write unique material from scratch, without using any sources, you need to 100 percent understand the subject of conversation.

For example, you are an avid motorist or generally work in a car service.

It is not difficult for you to describe the process of replacing brake pads or overhauling an engine.

Just sit down and write.

And then check what happened on one of the proposed services.

The result will greatly surprise you: the uniqueness of such a text is unlikely to exceed 60-70 percent.

Why? It is all about the abundance of special terms, stable concepts and expressions.

In good material, ABS is an anti-lock braking system, ICE is an internal combustion engine, and the crankshaft position sensor is the crankshaft position sensor.

If (in the pursuit of uniqueness) to replace these terms with the philistine, anti-plagiarism will be delighted.

But your readers are not. The material will lose its expertise, and hence its value to those in the subject.

A person who understands the terminology more or less will not read the text where the car’s interior is called “the interior space for accommodating the driver and passengers”.

He will close the tab and go to another site where things are named after them.

The percentage of uniqueness is the last thing that interests him.

Because you have two ways: the right and not so.

Correct – to convince the customer that shredding the text does not make sense.

Better to leave it as it is.

There will be more benefit for the reader, which means that the behavioral factors of the site will increase .

Yes, and it’s easier for you.

No need to ruin your own brainchild and spoil it in the pursuit of mythical interest.

Wrong – replace competent technical terms with “kitchen” unprofessional concepts.

This will increase uniqueness, but at the expense of quality.

In general, it all depends on the customer and your ability to convince.

If you prove that the text is not unique for objective reasons, and not because you stole it, then fine.

It doesn’t work out – so be it. In the end, the customer is worse.

True, you will find yourself guilty anyway. “They don’t read your nonsense,” an angry customer will say into the phone.

Here you can give one piece of advice that is familiar to all performers.

Imagine: You have cooked a branded kharcho according to the Georgian recipe for the customer.

So, be prepared at any time to pour a bucket of slop into it and hopelessly spoil it because the consumer wants it.

With texts (as well as design, video and other content) – the same thing.


The most common way in the Internet environment is how to go through anti-plagiarism.

The copywriter uses several sources of information and processes them, passing the material through itself.

SEO copywriter saturates the text with keys, makes up a semantic core, prescribes meta tags and other delights.

The more sources are used, the more unique and useful the content is.

The idea is not just to slap a new text from pieces of several others, but in deep processing.

The material receives an original structure, a different sequence of presentation.

To increase uniqueness, words are replaced by synonyms, phrases in a sentence are rearranged and swapped.

Among the authors there is a conditional division into superficial and deep copywriting .

Surface copywriting – processing of existing texts in order to obtain unique material.

It does not carry new information.

All data can be found without problems in other sources.

During deep processing of the text, the author adds his ideas and thoughts, relies on his own knowledge and experience.

It collects statistics, research data and other information.


The main difference between copywriting and rewriting is that in the latter, a specific text is taken for the source.

All that is needed from the artist is to increase his uniqueness.

If you run the text indexed by the search engine on the anti-plagiarism services, the percentage of uniqueness will be equal to zero.

In order to increase the indicator, apply such techniques:

  • replacement of words with synonyms;
  • retelling the text in your own words;
  • replacement of wording of individual proposals;
  • changing the structure of the text;
  • dilution of the text with introductory words and turns;
  • reordering words in a sentence using additional words;
  • replacing numbers with words (instead of “5”, it is quite possible to write “five” – elementary, but it works).

Let’s take the same excerpt from an article in our blog that we ran through Tekst.ru and Advego, and we will qualitatively rework it using all of the above methods.

Here is the text.

Here’s what happened after the rewrite:

“These events were the reason why I began to delve into the basics of SEO 11 years ago.

Over the years, old methods have sunk into oblivion.

Important concepts for ranking (content and external links) are still relevant today.

But we must admit that there are differences: both content and external links are now created for people, and only then for search engines.

As a result, the quality of the content has become much more important than its quantity. And it is right”.

What is written above can be called a deep rewrite.

Note the text quality has not changed.

The result is obvious – not 19, not 40 percent, but 100!

There is a superficial rewrite.

The contractor uploads the text to the anti-plagiarism service and works only with pieces that the algorithm “highlighted”.

After several attempts, uniqueness becomes digestible.

Some programs work in such a way that even with small changes in the source, uniqueness greatly increases.

The text had just been bright red, and after replacing a couple of sentences, it became sharply unique.

Algorithms are imperfect, and sometimes it turns out to deceive them.

To select synonyms, you can use special programs – Sinonim.org and Synonymonline.ru .

You can also pick up synonyms directly on the Text.ru anti- plagiarism service .


Another way to circumvent plagiarism.

This approach also exploits the imperfection of anti-plagiarism programs.

The fact is that the service may not recognize the meaning of the word “anti-plagiarism”, if instead of the Russian letters “a” substitute the English “alpha”, which looks the same.

And if you can’t see the difference, then why … well, you understand.

The program will simply perceive this not as a word, but as a meaningless set of characters that do not affect uniqueness.

To replace English letters, you can create macros that will do this automatically.


All the uniqueness checking programs described by me work exclusively with English  Language texts indexed by search engines.

If you translate any foreign source, uniqueness will be high.

Such material is simply not online, so the service will not find a match.

The approach has a significant minus: machine translation is not of high quality, and you have to sweat over the manual one.

But after an independent translation, the result will be digestible.

The text translated by the machine must be modified to increase its readability.

And here again copywriting skills will help you.


The method is extremely simple: we drive the original Russian-language text into “Google translate” or “Yandex.Translate” and translate it into any language.

For example, Arabic.

And then back to english.

The result is abracadabra, but unique.

It remains to bring this set of words into a divine form, and you will get an acceptable text.

By the way, the main mistake on which inexperienced copywriters and students scribble – they do not edit the text, but leave it as it is.

Let it be unique, but in no case should you hand over such work.

So, we edit and run through “Text.ru”:

Not ice, but better than it was!

For fidelity, you can perform multiple translations into several foreign languages ​​and vice versa.

For example, from Russian into Bulgarian, then into Spanish, then into French, and finally into Russian.

If you can then figure out what happened, uniqueness is guaranteed.

Yes, it is dreary, but it solves the problem of how to deceive plagiarism.


Anti-plagiarism services have not yet learned to recognize such things.

You can take a screenshot of the desired piece of text and paste it into the article, and the uniqueness will be enhanced.

If you have a designer at hand, order a picture from him.

Estimate in advance how much it will cost and isn’t it easier to use ready-made methods.

If you know how to make pictures yourself – generally excellent, try this method boldly.


There are a lot of such services, but they are mostly paid.

The cost is an average of 10-15 rubles (3-5 hryvnia) per page A4.

Some service providers, such as SiteDozor , provide a free version of the product.

On the site you can check the text up to 1000 characters for free and without registration.

In general, the whole principle of unique users is based on the replacement of some words with synonyms.

They do what we called surface rewrite, only in automatic mode.

True, the quality of free synonymised often leaves much to be desired.

Let’s try to edit the text and again deceive the anti-plagiarism.

Not really, we have to work yet.

Paid versions promise the best result.

Popular services are Antiplagiat Killer (from 4990 rubles (about 1800 UAH) for the licensed version of the program), Kwork (copywriting exchange) and Antiplagius.ru .


In conclusion, catch the bonus: tips for tricking anti-plagiarism in a compressed form.

8 working points – it remains to remember and apply in action.

So, we summarize.

In order for the anti-plagiarism program to be satisfied, there are the following methods.

  • Write completely unique text from scratch. The most honest and correct approach. But do not do this to the detriment of expertness – call a spade a spade.
  • Find several sources of information, study them and write an article. It is better to dilute the text with comments from your own experience.
  • Make a deep rewrite of the source. Replace the words with synonyms, build your structure. The less your text will look like the source, the higher the uniqueness.
  • Replace some Russian letters with Greek. This way you can uniqueize any text without changing it. But this is a direct deception of the program: you simply use its technical imperfection. And they can cover the shop with the next update of the algorithm.
  • Make a translation from a source in a foreign language. If this text has not been translated before you, uniqueness is ensured.
  • Translate text from Russian into English and vice versa. You can do this several times using different languages. It will be necessary to work on the resulting nonsense, but uniqueness is ensured.
  • Replace pieces of text with pictures. Not all, of course: it works well with formulas, tables, calculations and graphs. And the text can be converted into infographics. The picture is simply invisible to programs.
  • Use unique programs. You drive it into such text, click on the button and get a version with high uniqueness.

All methods are absolutely legal, everyone can use them. Good luck writing texts!

How To Download A Video From Youtube :

Want to watch videos offline? Are you afraid that the copyright holder will delete the video or block access to it? Uploaded the video to your channel and forgot to make a backup?

Want to watch videos offline? Are you afraid that the copyright holder will delete the video or block access to it? Uploaded the video to your channel and forgot to make a backup?

These problems are solvable. If you know how to download video from Youtube to a computer or smartphone. All that is needed is free memory on the device and a few minutes.


SaveFrom.net, VDYouTube and Save-Video.Other proven methods.

If you do not want to install third-party software on a PC or smartphone, one of these methods is suitable for you.


One of the oldest and most proven ways.

It requires minimal participation on your part and at the same time works like a clock.

To download a video, just:

  • Insert a link to the YouTube video of interest in the download field, press Enter;
  • Before starting the download, select the quality of the downloaded video and click on the “Download” button;
  • Download will start automatically.

You can go the other way – download from YouTube ss.

In this case, the same service is used, which is already familiar to us by SaveFrom.net.

But the algorithm of actions is a little simpler.

  • open the video directly on YouTube;
  • in the search line add ss before … youtube.com …;
  • press Enter;
  • We are waiting for automatic redirection to the service website;
  • further algorithm of actions see above.

If you plan to download videos often, it will be convenient to install the extension in the browser.

This feature is available on the SaveFrom.net resource. But we will talk about this later.


These online services work on a similar basis.

In fact, these are full-fledged analogues.

A different letter combination is used to download the video here.

In order for YouTube to redirect to the site where the download will begin, you need instead of the combination ss before … youtube.com … write in the address bar:

  • vd – in this case, the VDYouTube service will open;
  • magic – in this case, redirects to the Save-Video page .


In most cases, the above services are sufficient.

But if for some reason none of them came up for you, use these:

This is an incomplete list of such services.

They are all identical and work on a similar principle.

Copy the link address of the video you are interested in.

Copy in the download field on the site, specify the quality, the desired format of the video, and then click the “Download” button.

Please note that some services allow you to work with HD-quality and 4K.


Extensions for browsers.The three most popular are automatically and manually installed.

Help in choosing.

If you download videos frequently, there is no need to go to the page of the online service each time or add a combination to the browser line.

It is enough to install the necessary extension on the PC once.

However, be sure to check its browser compatibility before doing this.


Want to add a download button right below the video?

It will appear in the YouTube interface when using this extension.

It is ideally compatible with Opera and Firefox browsers, as well as Yandex.Browser.

To install, go to the online resource https://ru.savefrom.net/ and click the “Install” button.

Please note that for the add-in to work correctly in Chrome, you will need to install the optional MeddleMonkey extension.

After successfully installing the extension on YouTube, an additional “Download” button will appear under the video, next to “Subscribe”.

Here, in the drop-down window, you can choose the quality, as well as the format.


Another solution for those who are interested in how to download videos from YouTube.

This extension works with most browsers.

The installation principle is identical:

How to verify the successful installation of the extension?

Go to YouTube, open any video.

A “Download” button should appear next to the “Subscribe” button below the video.

Next, select the video format, as well as quality. The start of the download will start automatically.


This is a popular extension. It works in Chrome, Firefox, as well as Opera, Yandex.Browser, Chromium, Vivaldi and other popular browsers.

The only thing is that installation will require a little more time and effort. It is made by hand.

To do this (using the Chrome example), you need:

  •  Download files and unpack the archive;
  • go to the “Extensions”, which are located in the “Advanced Tools” menu;
  • enable the special “Developer Mode”;
  • Download extension
  • select the folders with the necessary files from YouTube Video Downloader in the downloads.

After successful installation, the traditional “Download” button will appear under the YouTube videos.

In addition, you can use the special shortcut on the toolbar of your browser.


The most popular desktop applications.Download the channel completely.

4K Video Downloader, ClipGrab and Softorino YT Converter.

Desktop applications are not extensions.

This is a separate full-fledged software that is installed on a computer and provides more advanced functionality.


4K Video Downloader is the secret way to download the entire YouTube channel.

This is one of the most well-known PC applications for downloading videos.

Compatible with macOS, Windows and Ubuntu operating systems.

It is a more functional alternative.

It has much more features than traditional methods of downloading through any browser.

You have options such as:

  • Download playlists and YouTube channels completely;
  • selection of the format of downloaded videos: 1080p, 3D, 4K;
  • work with subtitles;
  • Download embedded YouTube videos from different pages.

Download this software here .


You already know how to download videos from YouTube.

But there is another proven method – the desktop application ClipGrab.

Like the 4K Video Downloader, it is quite functional.

Here you can use the built-in search on YouTube.

Links from the buffer are recognized automatically.

You can use the expanded settings and manage downloaded files.

Everything is simple, tested and reliable.

However, there is a slight minus.

This software does not work with playlists.

To do this, it is better to use the previous software.

Download this software .


MacOS gadget desktop software.

The most simple and intuitive for those who do not want to strain.

To start downloading the video, just:

  • copy the address link to the video – the software will recognise it automatically;
  • choose quality.

After clicking on Download, the download starts automatically.

The downloaded file can be found in the “Downloads” on the Mac gadget.


How to upload video to smartphone.

Download on iPhone and iPad.

Applications for gadgets on Android.

According to statistics , the average video viewing session on a mobile gadget lasts more than 40 minutes.

Consider how to download a movie to your phone from Youtube.


Earlier, we said that Google’s policy is categorical regarding downloading videos in Chrome.

With Android devices, the same situation, so you can’t download similar software on Google Play.

You have to look for the application on the side.

However, you should be wary of third-party products, as they can harm your device and its file system.

In addition, the issue of data confidentiality arises.

We recommend giving preference to one of the 6 popular applications for gadgets on Android.

They have established themselves in the market.


Effective method – SaveFrom.net and Dropbox.

To download a video from YouTube, we use SaveFrom.net, an online service we know, in conjunction with the Dropbox cloud folder.

Using the first, we will upload the video, and the second service will allow you to save it to the cloud folder.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • on YouTube or in the browser, copy the link, click “Share”;
  • open the SaveFrom service, put the link in the download field;
  • select the quality, click “Download”;
  • click “Share” in the tab that appears;
  • select “Save to Dropbox”.


On all iOS devices, starting with iOS 12, quick commands are available.

They are suitable for loading clips.

To get started, install this application, then add quick access .

A quick clip download function is now available.

Just click on the “Share” button, then select “Quick Commands” and Download YouTube.


Download YouTube video through Documents 5.

This is a file manager with a built-in browser.

To download the video, select any online service, for example, SaveFrom.net.

We copy the address link to the video of interest, paste it into the download line, download.

It falls into the internal folder for downloaded files in the manager itself.

After that, move the movie to Photos. This will allow you to view it in the gallery.


Remember we reviewed the Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac app?

It can be used for various iOS devices.

Copy the link to the desired video.

Further, the software recognizes it automatically.

Choose quality, then download.

We will search for the video in the sections “Video” / “Music” on iOS.


Download through the control panel in your account.Simple and fast way.

Have you downloaded the video, forgot to backup it and deleted it? The problem is solvable.

We recommend that you read the simple instructions on how to download the video from your channel.

  • Open YouTube and sign in.
  • Go to the “Creative Studio Youtube”, after clicking on the profile photo.
  • Select the Video section in the menu on the left.
  • Find the desired video and click on it 1 time.
  • In the window that opens, in the upper right corner, select the action icon and click on the “Download” item.

Download will start automatically.

More information on downloading the video can be found in the official directory .

Want to increase views on your channel?

We recommend that you learn how to promote your YouTube for free with the help of a competent selection of keywords.


Now you know how to download a video on YouTube.

This can be done simply with the help of online services, desktop applications or special extensions for a variety of browsers.

Most people (about 70%) prefer to watch videos on their mobile.

To download the video to your smartphone or tablet for iOS, Android, just use the application.

Download the video from your channel is also not difficult.

To do this, go to the “Creative Studio”, find the necessary video and use the available function for downloading.

Android 11: Upcoming Features, Devices And Release Date


Google I / O 2020 will be held May 12-14 at the Shoreline amphitheater in Mountain View, California. While Google has not disclosed all the new features of the new version of Android, but, as usual, by September they will release a new “pixel” smartphone based on it, so the wait is not so long.

Official Android updates are always debuting on pixel devices, and only then will other brands start releasing this new version of Android for their devices. Last year, Oneplus became the first such brand, this year some other manufacturer may seize the palm.

List all Android 11 features:

Turn off notifications when recording video

Agree, it’s annoying when you record a video, and then a notification pops up. With Android 11, you can record video and you won’t be distracted by this – notifications will not come out during recording.

Enhanced Sensor Sensitivity

This is what I directly appreciated personally. Regardless of how strong the factory glass is to protect the screen, most users glue an additional tempered glass. And sometimes, when not the best quality tempered glass comes across, we encounter problems with the response speed of the screen. Google decided to help with this problem and programmatically improved the sensitivity of the sensor. This innovation provides a lightning fast response, regardless of whether you use a protective glass or not.

Screen recording

Screen recording is a feature that Android users have long dreamed of, and finally, we waited for it. At one time, there were rumors that Google will introduce it in Android 10, but everything remained at the level of rumors. In Android 11, this feature will still appear. No additional screen recording apps are needed anymore, cheers!

Scrolling Screenshots

Finally, we will see support for scrolling screenshots in Android with the 11th version of the OS. This is probably one of the most anticipated features.

Back gesture setup

Many users who often use gesture control in Android 10 encountered one problem – when using the Back gesture, they ended up in the application menu. With the new version of Android, we get the opportunity to control the “sensitivity” of this gesture. There will be two sliders for this, one for the left side of the screen and one for the right.

Improved compatibility with curved displays

Curved displays are, of course, beautiful, but they have one problem, and it consists in accidental clicks. But now in Android 11, Google has introduced a new API. This will allow developers to specify the area of ​​the active screen for interaction.

When you turn on airplane mode, Bluetooth does not turn off

In previous versions of Android, with Airplane mode turned on, Bluetooth was turned off, and then you had to turn it on again manually. And this is a problem, since many of us use Bluetooth headphones. So now, even if you turn on airplane mode, Bluetooth will not turn off and the connection with the headphones will not be interrupted.

Pin icons of frequently used applications in the Share menu

Previously, Android had a feature that allowed users to pin the most frequently used applications to the Share menu. Then the developer deleted it, and now it reappeared in Android 11.

Enhanced quick reply feature during chat

When a new notification appears, in particular text, you can immediately respond to it without going into the main application. With Android 11, you can do much more than just open the most recent message for reply. You can even send picture messages right from the notification tab.

Chat bubbles

Android 10 had this feature, but not many developers and manufacturers implemented it in their OS versions. It is also present in the new version of Android, so OEMs can look at it again and implement it in their Android shells.

Automatic inclusion of a dark color scheme of the interface

Android 11 will be able to boast of a dynamic dark color scheme. This function provides for automatic switching between “normal” and “dark” mode depending on the time of use, that is, depending on whether it is day now, night or evening. Google decided to introduce this feature after other manufacturers have already introduced it in their shells.

One-time permissions

Earlier on Android 10, we had the opportunity to allow access to location, camera or microphone data the very first time the application was launched. With Android 11, we get a one-time permission setting, so to speak, when permission is given only for the current session.

Application restrictions

In the new OS version, applications will have access only to certain areas of your file system, which will better protect the user’s personal data. This has already caused a stir in the developer community, and Google announced that if there are any problems with security and access, they will not include this feature in the stable version.

Better notification handling

Currently, in stable versions of Android it is not so easy to access older notifications if they were deleted (even if it was done by accident). Android 11 offers a separate setting called “Notification History”, which will store all information about old and new notifications.

Better update process

In Android 10, users can download portions of the Android update directly from the Play Store. In the new version of the OS, it will be possible to download even more parts of the update for Android through the Play Store. This will result in fewer OTA updates.

However, this is most likely just the tip of the iceberg, and in the stable version we will get even more features.

Reverse charge

In Android 11, the possibility of sharing the battery appears, which means that future Pixel devices will be equipped with reverse wireless charging (the first such device will be Pixel 5).

Motion control (available for certain models)

The Pixel 4 comes with sensors that track air movement. And now, finally, we will see updates from Android that allow full use of these sensors. Soon, Pixel 4 users will be able to interact with applications without touching the screen!


So to conclude it really fast this update will be huge and you might get this update by the end of half this year. The testing has already been sent to developers. They still have bugs to counter but it is only a matter of time for them to fix them. This update will be really good for new end and flagship phones because they have all the features to support the software. Still not to worry mid rage and low end devices are also given some sweet spots.