5 reasons Which make Telegram Best


Hi everybody. Today we will consider five motivations to utilize telegram from Pavel Durov. Probably the best errand person on the planet, which for reasons unknown has not yet flourished in Russia and Ukraine. Though this messenger have got it roots going deep in India. Go!

Reason One – Speed.

I have no clue how Whatsapp functions in Russia and Ukraine, yet in India this is an awful slacking thing. In telegram, all is well, the sending speed is just a moment, even at a low Web speed. Everything is transmitted in a moment or two, and server crashes are incredibly uncommon. I can’t help thinking this is a gigantic in addition to for the ambassador.

The subsequent explanation is Structure.

It is extremely stylish, everything is customized to a similar style, nothing sticks out. As indicated by the ordinances of Material Plan, rapidly and in a base number of snaps. Additionally, the size of the application is an or more, it is littler than Whatsapp, Viber and so on.

Reason Three – Multiple platform.

Totally all over the place – Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh operating system and even the Internet customer. In addition, it works similarly well all over the place, well, the structure satisfies. This is a very useful thight for a app to be used over many platform. It increases the utility and customer base of the app. What else is required for satisfaction?

The fourth explanation is Cloud Storage.

All your correspondence, photographs from the rest, video with felines, everything is put away in the cloud. All obviously decreased, however you will lose nothing. This is unquestionably not new, yet actualized better than WhatsApp, where you are approached to spare or not. It’s everything naturally, and you won’t have the option to turn into a bonehead. Even you can control what you want to be it there and what not.

Reason Five – Security.

A similar mystery visits with auto erasure, login passwords and two-advance approval. That is, it is now more ensured than the rest, and this can be a definitive factor for some (in spite of the fact that I comprehend that in the CIS inclusion is still exceptionally little). Be that as it may, everything works like a clock, the secret key can’t be skirted, two-phase approval understands when you attempt to hack. I trust everybody thinks about mystery chats.

Reason six – Bots, channels and stickers.

It appears to be inept, yet well known. I myself am not an enthusiast of this all, however such huge numbers of my companions effectively use it. What’s more, it is made extremely advantageous that administration that utilisation. You can make a bot through the customer itself (though the most crude one), and everything is as of now there. Stickers are obviously a disputable issue, yet everything is free, and it is exceptionally decent.

All out.

Durov by and by made a too mass item that has just detonated. It is totally free, it has a chic interface, it is completely all over, and there is even security. In any case, there are no calls, and this is downright awful (in spite of the fact that I can’t help thinking that they will show up very soon). The end is this, download decisively, and companions call to go. The sooner it gets well known, the quicker we overlook the bad dream called Viber. (+ open Programming interface for designers)


What is a telegram used for?

  • Telegram is an online messaging app that works exactly like the popular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messaging apps. This means that when linked to Wi-Fi, or your mobile phone, you can use it to send messages to your friends. Or you can also use it to build a professional community

Is telegram secure?

  • Yeah, Telegram is more reliable than Whatsapp, they have optional end-to-end encryption and Hidden Chats locally encrypted data. If you’re paranoid about protection, you may want to try fully secure messengers like Threema (paid iOS and Android app) or Safe (free iOS, Ios, and Windows Phone app). Now every app have got end to end encryption.

Can telegram be hacked?

  • Actually hacking on telegram isn’t easy. You did not require two step verification, however, in the Event, then somebody can pass the verification of SMS code and log into your account. If you are searching for some activity without your presence on your account, the hackers could do it. Every this can be hacked only we need to find or make a new loop hole in app.


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